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Mine’s a green beer! April 20, 2011

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‘Mine’s a green beer!’ Sounds gross? But there has been a recent boom in green booze! And it’s not just organic, you can now get vegan beers and solar powered breweries.

 10 tips for green beer….

  1. Drink organic brews means you can expect the barley and hops to be organically grown: no pesticides, no artificial fertilizers, no chemical preservatives; just fresh, non-toxic ingredients.
  2. Support green beer companies such as Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada or Anderson Brewery which powers its breweries with solar power.
  3. Drink beer from draught instead of from bottles as the resource savings from the packaging make draught beer around 68% lower impact than bottled beer.
  4. Recycle your bottles, cans, and other packaging – an aluminium can will likely be recycled and back on the shelves within 60 days Ten tonnes of recycled glass saves 5 tonnes of sand, 1.8 tonnes of soda ash and 1.7 tonnes of limestone.
  5. Reuse the bottle caps, as many programs won’t accept them, so, you’ll have to get creative in order to prevent undue waste.
  6. Try vegan and vegetarian beers, such as Green Man Beer. Plenty of beers contain traces of animal products such as gelatin, made from animal tissue, or isinglass, from fish bladders, which are used as an agent to clarify beers.
  7. Drink local, and walk to the pub, helps reduce emission from shipping and from you getting to and from your local.
  8. Take a growler to your local brewery and fill it up with fresh draught beer. This cuts out bottle waste and recycling hassles.
  9. Opt for paper free bottles and go for those that have the labelling printed right on the bottle.
  10. Don’t use disposable cups when serving beer, as they cause unnecessary waste and are not usually not recyclable.

Read the original article I stole this from here.