This originated with me sending regular emails to my close friends and family on environmental issues and changes which could ‘green’ their lifestyle. The group has unintentionally grown quickly as friends of friends ask to join. The EcoEmails don’t always give people an easy solution to a problem but try to make them aware that every decision they make has environmental and sustainability consequences. If you would like to join pls email me at

WNBR February 16, 2008

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Put this day in your diary…
No need to get an outfit ready just a bike!
Saturday 14 June 2008

(For those who don’t live in London there are also rides in 60 cities all over the world the same day in N.hemisphere and S.Hemisphere March 8th (3 wks)…so check out the website)…

It is as bare as you dare… lots of people are clothed and even more are naked… you can go anywhere in between… I recommend half naked with silly clothes, wigs, hats face paints on…. so you’re not naked but still in the spirit.
It is so much fun….

It is a protest against oil dependency… roads not being safe for cyclists, climate change, prudishness, clothes, socks, anything you want really…
It is great fun.
A day you’ll never forget…and it is Legal (it is not illegal to be naked in England).

The ride draws attention to the elegant simplicity of the bicycle, highlights the vulnerability of riders in traffic and celebrates the power and individuality of our bodies.

Last year Nick and I went along with 1500 other people.
Check out the video London Paper made made to see if it is something you’d be up for. london/videos/article/1157147748236?packedargs=suffix%3DArticleController



Animal Transport February 15, 2008

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Sorry more animal rights to eco… but the Independent have 3 videos on this page:

I wouldn’t recommend watching them if you are too sensitive…
They are about Horses, Pigs and Cows being transported long distances for Slaughter…
The cows are the worst I think they go from S.America to Middle East.

They are a bit repetative long but they are pertty full on….
If you have some spare time skip through them and watch a bit of each.



Carbon Footprint February 1, 2008

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The government have made a really cool website to calculate your carbon footprint…
None of these things can ever be that accurate… but the point of them is more to see where you can make changes that have the largest impact.
So in your lunch break if you are looking for something to do…
It takes about 5 min…