This originated with me sending regular emails to my close friends and family on environmental issues and changes which could ‘green’ their lifestyle. The group has unintentionally grown quickly as friends of friends ask to join. The EcoEmails don’t always give people an easy solution to a problem but try to make them aware that every decision they make has environmental and sustainability consequences. If you would like to join pls email me at

Swap Shop August 1, 2009

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July 5th (3 to 5pm) – Swap Shop

bring any men’s women’s or kids clothes, toys, DVDs, books seeds and plants to swap

at Arcola Theatre, 27 Arcola st, Dalston, Hackney



BeReCreative June 3, 2009

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London Fields, E8
Saturday June 6th, 12-6
Be ReCreative
A free, fun packed, family event is being held in London Fields on Saturday 6 June as part of national Recycle Now Week and the Love London Festival.

The BeReCreative event is a joint effort between Hackney Council’s Recycling Team and Green Champion network. Building on the success of last year’s event, this year BeReCreative promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Kids can get busy making musical instruments from recycled materials, creating their own toys at the ‘junk journeys’ stall, and getting involved with various ‘green games’. A ‘give or take’ area will let residents bring unwanted items and swap them for others. Create your own organic drink with the smoothie bike. The Bike Doctor will be on hand to offer advice to cyclists on maintaining their bicycles.

BeReCreative will be held on Saturday 6 June from 12noon-6pm in London Fields, E8. For more information, call the recycling hotline on: 020 8356 6688 or visit:


Tetra packs January 28, 2009

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The bane of recyclers, Tetra Paks contain cardboard, metal foil and plastic. May councils don’t collect them (though they can be taken to recycling banks).


Tetra Pak has pledged to provide five collection points in every UK borough – and to transport the cartons to Sweden for recycling. So if you want to find out where your nearest Tetrapack collection point is look  at


Here are those in Hackney for those who live here:

  • E5 8BY, Kenninghall Road, near Nightingale Road
  • E8 2NG, Kingsland Shopping Centre Car Park, outside entrance
  • E9 5AX, Wick Road, opposite Vanner Point, New Gascoyne Estate
  • E9 6ND, Morning Lane, Tesco Car Park
  • N1 5AA, Downham Road & Kingsland Road opp Fire Station
  • N1 7TA, Sturt Street opp Taplow Street
  • N16 0PT, Lordship Road, Lordship South Estate,  between Lordship Terrace and Lordship Grove
  • N16 5SR, Stamford Hill, Morrisons Car Park
  • N4 2HD, Green Lanes near John Scott Health Centre



Beer Bottle Temple December 22, 2008

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Thai monks from the Sisaket province have used over one million recycled glass bottle to construct their Buddhist temple. Using Heineken bottles (green) and Chang Beer bottles (brown) the monks were able to clean up the local pollution and create a useful structure that will be a visual reminder of the scope of human pollution, but also human ingenuity.

Try to reuse things – it takes little or no energy to reuse something….
More energy to recycle it – as you have to reprocess it…
And way more energy to make it from scratch….
(Re-gifting xmas presents could be a way of recycling!?!)


Disposable Plates July 21, 2008

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It is estimated that we currently use 10 BILLION DISPOSABLE PLATES IN THE UK EVERY YEAR…
And making paper is very energy intensive as the paper has to be pulped and requires lots of chemicals…


These plates and bowls are disposable plates but way better than paper…
They use the leaves which have fallen off palm trees in India and simply heat press them in to the shape of a plate…

I got some and they are great for the summer for picnics.
They last longer than paper plates coz you can wash them… so you can use them a few times.
They take minimal energy to make as all they need is to be heat pressed.
They also don’t use any chemicals… but the heat sterilises the plates.
The plates are then biodegradable when you have finished with them (or you can feed them to cows!)
So if you use paper plates much or you do at work get these they are great!



Food disposal June 21, 2008

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What to do with your food waste…

1. Reduce the amount you produce
2. Compost it in your own garden
3. Have it collected by your council for composting or anaerobic digestion
4. Put down sink using mascerator (not fat or oil)
5. Put in bin



Food Waste May 6, 2008

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1/3 of all food purchased goes straight in the bin

85% of food thrown away is edible (i.e. not peelings, bones, tea bags)
On average each we waste £460 a year on buying food that we’ll throw away and not eat.
And the UK’s food waste accounts for equivalent emmissions as 20% of the cars in the UK.

Main reasons for waste food:

·                                 Buying more than we need – unplanned shopping

·                                 Storage – fridges are often too warm

·                                 Not eating short shelf life items before their use by date

·                                 Informal or unplanned eating patterns leading to food bought that is not needed.


70% of all fridges are too warm
1-5C recommended fridge temperature