This originated with me sending regular emails to my close friends and family on environmental issues and changes which could ‘green’ their lifestyle. The group has unintentionally grown quickly as friends of friends ask to join. The EcoEmails don’t always give people an easy solution to a problem but try to make them aware that every decision they make has environmental and sustainability consequences. If you would like to join pls email me at

Freecycle September 26, 2007

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Freecycle is like Ebay but everything is Free.
You sign up for your area… (e.g. Islington, Hackney) then every time someone in your area has something they don’t want… or wants something they don’t have they send you an email.
Then if you want what they have then you email them and plan to go and pick it up.
You can literally get anything… and everything.
It is great!

The only thing I’d say is make a new email address for it – coz otherwise your email gets full up with free-cycle emails
I am part of the Hackney Freecycle…