This originated with me sending regular emails to my close friends and family on environmental issues and changes which could ‘green’ their lifestyle. The group has unintentionally grown quickly as friends of friends ask to join. The EcoEmails don’t always give people an easy solution to a problem but try to make them aware that every decision they make has environmental and sustainability consequences. If you would like to join pls email me at

Beer Bottle Temple December 22, 2008

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Thai monks from the Sisaket province have used over one million recycled glass bottle to construct their Buddhist temple. Using Heineken bottles (green) and Chang Beer bottles (brown) the monks were able to clean up the local pollution and create a useful structure that will be a visual reminder of the scope of human pollution, but also human ingenuity.

Try to reuse things – it takes little or no energy to reuse something….
More energy to recycle it – as you have to reprocess it…
And way more energy to make it from scratch….
(Re-gifting xmas presents could be a way of recycling!?!)


Green Places to Stay December 15, 2008

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Nick’s lovely sister Cla got me a book called Green Places to Stay and it has most countries.
So if anyone is going on holiday and wants a green place to stay just tell me where you are going and I’l send you some links…
They all look amazing!!!!

Below are some on Costa Rica for Tom and Cassan as you are both going there (sorry Heather):
Goa for Annie:

Kenya for Adam and Fizzy:

Egypt for Adam and Fizzy:
Italy for Manu:

March on Parliment December 3, 2008

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Protest this Sat (6th Dec)

Assemble 12 noon at Grosvenor Square
Nearest tubes Bond Street, Marble Arch
Cycle protest starts at 10:30 am from Lincoln’s Inn Fields. More info


Coke and Forests December 1, 2008

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Some 2.2 million hectares of rainforest has been lost to cocaine production over the last 20 years.

Columbia is the second most biodiverse country in the world and cocaine is fuelling environmental damage.

The drug barons devastate the country’s soils and water sources by using harmful or banned pesticides.
toxicAnd just for some celebrety gossip – apparently we can blame a lot of this on:
mishaAs a friend went to a party with her and said she is a complete addict….