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USB Batteries July 23, 2008

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USB Cell Batteries – Rechargeable AA
USB Cell Batteries – Rechargeable AAUSB Cell Batteries – Rechargeable AA – Charging at a MonitorUSB Cell Batteries – Rechargeable AA – Charging at a DesktopUSB Cell Batteries – Rechargeable AA – Use in a Camera

Rechargeable Batteries are better for the env’ but a pain to recharge…
These are good coz they charge in a USB socket which are two a penny these days.
A couple of minutes of charge usually lasts a few hours.

They are  £10.99 for two batteries…

You can buy them from:

I got some so Nick can listen to his ipod speakers in the park!


Disposable Plates July 21, 2008

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It is estimated that we currently use 10 BILLION DISPOSABLE PLATES IN THE UK EVERY YEAR…
And making paper is very energy intensive as the paper has to be pulped and requires lots of chemicals…


These plates and bowls are disposable plates but way better than paper…
They use the leaves which have fallen off palm trees in India and simply heat press them in to the shape of a plate…

I got some and they are great for the summer for picnics.
They last longer than paper plates coz you can wash them… so you can use them a few times.
They take minimal energy to make as all they need is to be heat pressed.
They also don’t use any chemicals… but the heat sterilises the plates.
The plates are then biodegradable when you have finished with them (or you can feed them to cows!)
So if you use paper plates much or you do at work get these they are great!



Car Efficiency July 17, 2008

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To reduce rolling resistance:
Fill tires to their maximum inflation pressure- (the higher the pressure the less surface area in contact with the road and therefore the less resistance)
The negative side to this is to fill the tyres with too much air,and the life of the tyre will be reduced because it will wear out in the middle of the tread so you need a to check the recommended pressure
This will probably increase overall efficiency by about 5-10 percent

To reduce air resistance:
Roof racks on the car, this can effect the resistance a surprising amount so take them off when not in use
A shark fin low profile type aerial is more efficient than a stalk aerial. Taking these off will increase overall efficiency by probably 5%

Slow with gears:
Slow down with gears rather than breaks, because apparently modern IC engines use NO fuel when doing this this saves petrol

The slower you accelerate the less fuel you burn

Double your speed, you quadruple your drag due to air resistance



Radios July 10, 2008

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Ofcome might switch off the FM and medium wave signals and make old radios obsolete…
Meaning we’d all have to go digital…

BUT digital radios use loads more energy…

For the same energy you could run 1 digital radio…

or 15 analogue radios…

anradio anradioanradioanradioanradioanradioanradioanradioanradioanradioanradioanradioanradioanradioanradio

BEST: Analogue radio 2W
BAD: Digital Radio 30W
WORST: Listerning via a digital television 100W


Food Seasonal Planner July 9, 2008

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The chart tells you when produce is in season, when it is in storage and when it is available but carries higher production costs, for example, when soft fruit is grown under glass.
Best probably to print it out and then keep as reference…