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Bye Bye Standby October 9, 2007

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Nick and I have just got this really cool thing called Bye Bye Stand by
It is £20 and you get a switch and two plug things.

You put the plugs in the wall and then ideally have a power cable coming off them which has all your electrical stuff in your sitting room – such as TV, DVD player, Sound system, lamps etc…. Then the switch you can have anywhere – stick it to the wall, on a desk – it is mobile and works through wall and ceilings. Then as you leave the room / house you press the switch and it turns everything off which is plugged in to those two plugs. It is great… stops you rummaging around on the floor making sure things are turned off at the walls – which I am sure you all do! And means you can turn everything off at once.

I love it.
If you want one – you can get them from Ethical Superstore (and other places)