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The Great Global Warming Swindle… July 13, 2007

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Channel 4 did a documentary called
The Great Global Warming Swindle…


I don’t know if any of you watched it… but it basically was saying that Global warming had
nothing to do with human CO2 emissions and that it was all due to variations in Solar activity.

Unfortunately the documentary was made very well.
And even Will and I found the argument’s pretty compelling.


it was all bull shit….

And the scientists who featured in the film have since criticised it and complained that what they said was taken
out of context and chopped and changed to make it sounds like they were saying something that they weren’t.

The guy even used relabelled the axis on a graph to make a false argument about Volcanoes.

The Channel 4 Website now even admits that the contents of the film are CRAP.

So if anyone saw it and believed it or knows anyone who saw it please look at these websites…