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Tetra packs January 28, 2009

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The bane of recyclers, Tetra Paks contain cardboard, metal foil and plastic. May councils don’t collect them (though they can be taken to recycling banks).


Tetra Pak has pledged to provide five collection points in every UK borough – and to transport the cartons to Sweden for recycling. So if you want to find out where your nearest Tetrapack collection point is look  at


Here are those in Hackney for those who live here:

  • E5 8BY, Kenninghall Road, near Nightingale Road
  • E8 2NG, Kingsland Shopping Centre Car Park, outside entrance
  • E9 5AX, Wick Road, opposite Vanner Point, New Gascoyne Estate
  • E9 6ND, Morning Lane, Tesco Car Park
  • N1 5AA, Downham Road & Kingsland Road opp Fire Station
  • N1 7TA, Sturt Street opp Taplow Street
  • N16 0PT, Lordship Road, Lordship South Estate,  between Lordship Terrace and Lordship Grove
  • N16 5SR, Stamford Hill, Morrisons Car Park
  • N4 2HD, Green Lanes near John Scott Health Centre



5 Responses to “Tetra packs”

  1. Richard E Says:

    It’s easy to find somewhere to recycle Tetrapaks – you don’t even have to ask your local authority. Visit the company’s Sustainability web site here:

  2. Ben S Says:

    There’s also one just 20 meters from the borough boundary inside Islington on the east side of Newington Green, N16

  3. […] RECYCLING: I’ve been recycling as much as possible, heartened that my estate has introduced new recycling bins, though still none for cardboard. My favourite recycling revelation has come from a friend called Muffin who passed this on about tetrapaks: it’s possible! See […]

  4. Rod Grover Says:

    Your locator for the disposal of tetrapacks is very poor. The text is small (4 point?), white on a blue background and doesn’t print well. It is also flash (all flash – no substance) so can’t be copied. If you are going to provide information then do so in a manner in which it can be used.

  5. ecoemails Says:

    sorry i did’t create the locator i just linked to it.

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