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Wine May 28, 2008

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United Kingdom is the largest wine importer in the world

Grapes require a large amount of water (550,000 liters per ton)
The exact amount of water used depends highly on local climate…

The greatest climate impact from the wine supply chain comes from transportation.
Wine usually comes in virgin glass bottles which require energy to make and are heavy and therefore use lots of energy to transport…

Barrels made from French oak are from trees on average around 170 years old.
Removing an old, slow-growing tree and replacing it with a young, fast-growing tree will sequester more carbon.
Therefore if the forest is managed sustainably this process is beneficial.

Buying wine from near countries reduces the transport costs and therefore the emissions
Buying wine in cartons use less energy to make and transport
Buying wine from rainy areas require less water to be produced


I got all this information from:


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