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Insulation April 28, 2008

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f you buy or rent a house ask to look at the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) (which tells you how insulated and energy efficient your house is).

Things you can do to improve home insulation:

1. Look In Your Loft


For most homes, this can be a DIY job.

2.  Check Your Walls
in2In most houses built between 1920 and 1980 the external walls are made in two layers, with a cavity in between.

Filling the gap is effective but expensive (around £500 for an average home)

3. Floors: Mind The Gaps

in3Lifting the floorboards and laying insulating material, supported by netting, between the joists.

Use a cheap tube sealant, such as silicon, you can fill any gaps between the floorboards and skirting boards to stop draughts.
Excluders on the bottoms of doors and across letterboxes.


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