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Electronics April 15, 2008

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Electronic waste is growing….


It is now shipped abroad (often illegally) to be disassembled by people working with little protection against the toxic substances in items such as mercury.


How many electronics do we need?


Can products be fixed rather than replaced?
Buying higher quality items might be cheaper in the long run as they last longer or have longer warranties.

Then recycle it

If at working you can do it throw companies like ICER:
or REI:
or Computer Aid:

If the product has this symbol it means you can’t thow it in the bin under the WEEE directive.

weeeBut you can return your electronic good to the manufacturer free of charge.
(WEEE directive 2002/96/EC on waste electrical and electronic equipment)
If you do throw your electronic equipment in to the rubbish it may end up in a landfill which means the heavy metals would get in to water-ways and soil or in an incinerator where the PCB form dioxins (which are carcinogenic).


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