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Compostable VS Degradable bags January 30, 2008

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They are two different things…
Compostable bag – which you can put your food waste in… are made of starch polymers and biologically degrade (by bacteria) to CO2 and Water…
And they must have one of these symbols… (usually the top right one)
So if you compost your food make sure you use compostable bags or newspaper or nothing but NOT degradable or normal plastic bags.

Degradable Plastic bags…
Are not broken down biologically… they usually need sunlight to breakdown… therefore won’t break down in landfills.
And if they do break down they only break down in to smaller an smaller bits of plastic (which might be good coz then you can’t see the plastic bag in the tree anymore but is almost worst for the environment).
Also if they are put in to be recycled can hinder the quality of recycled plastic.
So don’t buy degradable plastic bags (like Tesco sell) they are GREEN WASH


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