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Water December 17, 2007

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How is water wasted?

Is it coz Dave leaves the tap running when he brushes his teeth?
Or that Will washes one pair of boxers in the washing machine?

No coz they would never do that – they are “staunch environmentalists…” (RB 2007)

70% of water in the world is used for Agriculture….

Therefore if you want to be economical with your water one of the best ways of doing
so is eating foods which don’t use as much water to grow…
But unfortunately for all you boys… that is basically meat… meat glorious meat!?!

So here are a few facts

Litres of water on average required to produce 1 kilo of food…
Potatoes        500
Wheat            900
Maize            1400
Rice              1910
Soya Beans   2000
Chicken         3500
Beef              100,000

Chicken over beef….
And Potatoes over Soya Beans…


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