This originated with me sending regular emails to my close friends and family on environmental issues and changes which could ‘green’ their lifestyle. The group has unintentionally grown quickly as friends of friends ask to join. The EcoEmails don’t always give people an easy solution to a problem but try to make them aware that every decision they make has environmental and sustainability consequences. If you would like to join pls email me at

Electrical Appliances July 30, 2007

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New electrical Appliances come with an energy efficiency rating
(EU Energy Label)

kettleAppliances are rated with a letter form A to G.
A being the most efficient.
The majority of modern appliances are A so you shouldn’t settle for anything less.
Only by turning an appliance off at the wall do they stop using any electricity.
And don’t believe people who say that turning an appliance off and on again uses more energy than leaving it on standby.

That is only the devil possessing your friends or work colleague.



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