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Organic Food April 24, 2007

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Organic food production causes much less environmental damage than conventional agriculture.

It prevents soil erosion, protects wildlife and supports sustainable farming and family farmers.

Organic foods contain more vitamins and minerals – and tend to taste better…

But is can be expensive and you still need to consider how much packaging is on the food – and how far it has come.

Half of all vegetables and 95 per cent of fruits eaten in Britain are from overseas.
The average meal travels more than 1,000 miles before it reaches your plate.

If you buy from farmers’ markets, you will have the satisfaction of buying directly from the producer, there’s no plastic packaging and your vegetables will last longer than the supermarket ones.

Go to and type in your post code and it will tell you where to find your nearest farmers’ market or producer… it is really cool!

Then if you hover your mouse over the shops it gives you it’s name, address, opening times and telephone number.



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