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Bottled Water April 21, 2007

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Bottled water

We are lucky to have high-quality water coming from our taps for next to nothing in Britain.

We use 2.7 million tonnes of plastic to bottle water each year.

Only about 10 per cent of bottles are recycled; most go to landfill sites, where they take around 450 years to break down.
One litre of water weighs a kilo.
Therefore it takes huge

The amount of money spent on bottled water would be enough to give the 1.1 billion people who don’t have safe water a clean water supply.

In India water extraction by Coca Cola for Dasani bottled water has caused water shortages for over 50 villages
(this is not an isolated incident).

The bottled water market the fastest growing drinks industry in the world.

It takes about 18 gallons of water to make the plastic bottle the water is sold in.

Bottled water sells for up to 1,000 times the price of tap water (more expensive per gallon than gasoline!)

Yet research indicates that bottled water is often no healthier or safer to drink than tap water.

In UK the tap water is provided by a government utility and is tested regularly.
Bottled water is not as well regulated and studies have shown that it is not even particularly pure.

A four-year study of bottled water found that one-fifth of bottled water contained synthetic organic chemicals such as the neurotoxin xylene and the possible carcinogen and neurotoxin styrene. Much bottled water doesn’t come from a “Artesian springs” and is just tap water anyhow.

If you want to carry your water with you, get a bottle and fill it.

If your water at home tastes funny, try an activated charcoal or ceramic filter.


3 Responses to “Bottled Water”

  1. shana donohue Says:

    Do you know which bottled water had been being bottled in Massachusetts near a hazardous waste zone? When I do a search online, all I get is “labeled as ‘spring’ water depicting a lake surrounded by mountains on its label”.

  2. ecoemails Says:

    i’m afraid i don’t know but let me know if you find out.

  3. Palak Says:

    Here are few more facts about bottled water:

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